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The 健康 Center

Director of the 健康 Center

Melissa 男爵, M.Ed, RN, BSN
电话: 724-946-7927


Ground floor of Shaw Hall

健康 Services Hours

周一 - Friday
7:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.

College Physician Hours

周一 & Thursday:
1 p.m. 到3便士.m.

周二 & Wednesday:
8:30 a.m. 到10分钟.m.

星期五: 8 a.m. 到9:30 a.m.

Counseling Services Hours

周一 - 星期五:
8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

New Student 健康 Forms

 健康 Form Instructions

 Enrollment Physical Form

 Meningitis Vaccine Waiver Form

The 健康 Center is an integrated health care facility that provides general health services for illnesses and accidents, short term mental health counseling services, and wellness promotion for the students of Westminster. Clinical services are available for undergraduate students who pay the student activity fee.


The 健康 Center at Westminster College is committed to fostering the personal growth and development of all Westminster students by providing high quality, holistic and integrated medical, mental health, and health promotion services. We strive to promote student academic and personal success by empowering students to make informed choices regarding their overall health and well-being.

  • We believe that physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual well-being are interconnected and related to our student’s ability to learn and maintain health in a collegiate environment.

  • We encourage students to adopt a lifelong commitment to wellness and healthy living through education and outreach programs.


访问s to the 健康 Center are confidential. If students wish to have medical or mental health information disclosed to another person/entity, a signed consent must be filed.


健康 Services 

Our health services clinic operates much like a doctor’s office. The clinic is 工作人员ed by experienced registered nurses who are available for consultation on a walk-in basis. The college physician or physician assistant holds daily clinic hours by appointment. Diagnosis and treatment for acute and chronic health issues is available as well as referral to community providers for more complex health care needs.

Services Offered

  • Illness/injury care and follow-up
  • Diagnostic laboratory testing
  • 健康 promotion counseling and education
  • Allergy injections (additional fee, students provide own serum)
  • Flu vaccine clinics
  • TB testing
  • Referral to community health care providers and services
  • Free walk-in self care cold clinic
  • Monthly reproductive health care clinic for exams, contraception and STI testing (additional fee may apply)


Counseling Services

Short term counseling services are offered at the 健康 Center by licensed professional counselors. While on campus, college students face numerous challenges and transitions. Our services are designed to assist students in addressing their emotional and psychological needs and to empower them to succeed socially and academically. Some of the concerns that can be addressed with the counselor are: relationship and family issues, academic and personal stress, depression, 焦虑, test 焦虑, coping with past or present abusive situations, sexual assault, substance abuse, 悲伤, sexuality, and body image issues.

Services may be offered in the form of individual sessions, group meetings or family meetings, depending on what the student wishes and what best matches their needs. Counselors also offer consultation to faculty, 工作人员, and students who are concerned about a student in distress. Students with complex mental health needs that require long term or specialty care will be referred to community providers.


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